Why is my audio cutting out during a webinar?

There are a few things you can do to ensure the conference runs seamlessly for you. The majority of audio and video issues are caused by the participant’s internet connection.

Before the conference

  • Be sure that your computer is updated.
  • Be sure that you have updated Zoom. A test-run video chat with a friend or family member is a good idea (And FUN!) if you’re not very familiar with Zoom.
  • If possible, connect your device with the ethernet cable to prevent wifi issues and interruptions.
  • Gather up a pen, or pencil, a notebook and a nice big glass of water.

Please note:

Most audio and video issues experienced are due to the local wifi and connection in the participant’s homes, and unfortunately not something that the Musicplay Team can help with.

During the conference

  • Ensure that Zoom is the only program running on your device. Just like us, if your computer has too many things going on, something is bound to give out.
  • If you’re on wifi only, try to limit the number of people who are online in your house or building. Video chats are an especially heavy drain on bandwidth.
  • If your audio or video cuts out, don’t panic! We are recording everything! Even if you miss an entire session for another activity, you will be able to catch up and print your certificate! Chances are your device will catch up and you will be able to follow along with no problem.