How do I set up a district account?

Get access to your admin account, add teachers to the district account, and get students access.

If you're reading this your administrator account for MusicplayOnline is now active!  Some of the great new features include the ability to manage your district’s teachers' accounts, bulk import email addresses, and delete and add new users if the need arises.  You can also see at a glance if your district members have enabled their accounts. This video is also a great guide if people are having trouble linking their accounts to the group: 

Admin Account

Getting Access

Your district contact has set up an administrator account for you, please connect with the Musicplay team if you have not received an email with your username and password. If your district uses Google emails, you can also use “Sign in with Google” straight away.

Pro Tip!

Your account is probably using your school email address. If you don't know your password, click on the "Forgot my password" link and a new one will be sent to your email.

Getting the IT Infrastructure on board

Please send this list to your IT people to whitelist the domains that we use on MusicplayOnline.

Adding Teachers to the District Account

To access your admin settings, click on "My Dashboard" in the top right corner, and click on "My Subscription". You will see how many licenses you have purchased. If you require additional licenses please reach out to your district contact.

There are 3 ways to add teachers to your district:

  1. Add Teacher: 1 teacher email at a time
  2. Import Teachers: Upload a csv list of multiple teachers.
  3. Invite Teachers: Create an invite link and send it to your teachers. This will work whether an account exists or is brand new, based on the account's email address. They should be able to sign in immediately with google as well, using their regular google password.

Student Access

Within each teacher account, a teacher can click on "generate student code" under My Dashboard. This will give them a code students can use, and also appends the code to any links the teacher shares.

Please Note:

Class codes are not personalized, they are entirely generic and track no identifiable data. Please review our privacy policy for more information.