How do I transfer a MusicplayOnline account to a new teacher?

Transfer remaining subscription time from one MusicplayOnline account to another MusicplayOnline account following these steps.

To transfer your subscription to a new account or a new teacher, please email us the following information:

  1. The email that your current account is using (check that here)
  2. The expiration date of your current account (check that here)
  3. The school name and/or district associated with your account (if applicable)
  4. A valid email address for the new account
  5. The first name and last name of the new account holder
  6. Email addresses where we can contact both the outgoing and incoming teacher (if different from the accounts)

With this information, we will create a new account for you, transfer the remaining subscription to the new account, and set the former account to expired.


If you only want to update your account with a new email address or edit your profile please review the steps here.