How do I use Learning Modules on MusicplayOnline?

The Learning Modules are a series of pre-built lessons on MusicplayOnline. These were originally created for virtual students, and now they are now used by many teachers for in-person and hybrid classes.

Learning Modules Overview

It’s easier to visualize how to teach a lesson when activities are set out in order, than it is to read a printed plan. The modules are a great way to start teaching with Musicplayonline. You’ll get a great introduction to all areas of the website. And now with the MyList feature, you can copy and edit the modules!

Check out the full learning modules section here.

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Components of each lesson

Each Module begins with an outline, and objectives listed as I Can statements. Song videos are presented in order. The kid demo videos make games and activities easy to teach. Modules may include rhythm practice, solfa practice, games, and interactive activities. If a written activity is included, the pdf will be found in Supporting Resources.

Check out the lesson below here.

Grade 2 Lesson 7 learning module Overview, objectives, supporting resources, and activities 1 and 2Grade 2 Lesson 7 Learning Module activities 3 and 4Grade 2 Lesson 7 learning module activities 7 to 9

Additional modules (not grade specific)

Additional Modules have been built for ungraded activities.

General Section

In the General section, the Movement Fun Module has 17+ super fun movement songs. Also in the ‘General’ section, there is a great No Touch Games module.

Check out the full list here


The Holiday section has modules with many performance ideas for December Holiday concerts. There is also an Easter module and a Halloween module! Explore some great lessons using storybooks!

Check out the full list here

Please note:

Several modules in the not grade-specific sections (General, Holidays, Jazz Lesson, Peter and the Wolf, Bucket Drum, Folk to Pop, School Songs, and Storybooks) may be moving to different locations on MusicplayOnline. If a module has disappeared or you would like to request that a song or component be moved to a different section please submit a bug report here.