Why should I buy the printed Musicplay collection?

If you're a fan of hard copies, color-coded binders, videos you can embed in your own learning management system, or suffer from slow internet we have the collection for you!

About Musicplay

Musicplay began as a print resource, and has evolved into an amazing and affordable website! Learn more about the complete curriculum here

Musicplay Teacher Guides

We have a teacher guide for each Musicplay Grade (PreK-Middle School). With a physical teacher's guide you get:

  • Color-specific hardcover binder (except PreK which comes in paperback form) 
  • 3 months of free access to MusicplayOnline
  • Vocal and accompaniment tracks for each song
  • Scope and sequence
  • Year plan
  • Complete song list
  • Additional teaching tips and extras 
  • Monthly outlines August - June
  • 40 Weeks at a Glance (Sing, Lesson Module, Move, Listen, Interactive Activities, Create and Play, Read/Write - Printables, Assess, Additional Lesson Options, and a tip from a Musicplay Teacher)
  • A detailed song activities guide for every song in the program
  • Sample tracking charts and rubrics
  • Classified indexes
  • Curriculum connections and more!

Check out the Grade 2 Teacher's Guide here along with all the samples. 

Musicplay Digital Resources

We have downloadable digital resources of the song videos and presentations for Musicplay PreK-Middle School. Some schools have poor wifi. Having the song videos available as backup is awesome. All videos and presentations can be embedded into your learning management system of choice. 

Check out the Grade 2 Digital Resource here.

Musicplay Student Books

If having music in the students' hands is something of value to you, we have student books for Grades 2-Middle School.

Check out the Grade 2 Student Book here.

Musicplay Piano, Guitar, and Ukulele Arrangements

Looking for arrangements for a specific grade? All our arrangements come with a coiled binding that lays flat on a music stand. 

Check out the Grade 2 Piano Arrangements here

Check out the Grade 2 Guitar and Ukulele Arrangements here

Musicplay Packages

Looking for the full deal at a discounted price? Check out the different packages we offer here. The Musicplay K-5 School Complete Digital Resource Package is $1,625.00 and includes a 3-year MusicplayOnline subscription. This is less than the cost of some one-year subscriptions - and you have all the hard copy materials to keep! We love Musicplayonline - but if you still like print - it’s available!!!

Musicplay K-5 School Complete Digital Resource Package