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Can I use songs from Musicplay or MusicplayOnline in public performances?

Yes! If you own the Musicplay binders or subscribe to MusicplayOnline, you are allowed to use any of the songs in performances.

Themes & Variations, creators of Musicplay and www.Musicplayonline.com are pleased to give schools and non-profits permission to use songs from Musicplayonline or Themes and Variations resources for in-person concerts or in virtual concerts.

You are permitted to:

  1. Perform the song in a concert (live, in-person)
  2. Create a virtual performance
  3. Post the performance on YouTube

Please note:

YouTube videos may not be monetized and in the video information, the source should be given. (ie. Musicplayonline or the name of the collection)

Submitting Kids Demos

We LOVE to get videos of your performances! For MusicplayOnline subscribers, if we get a video that we can use, we’ll extend your subscription a month for each video! Learn more here: Can I submit a kids demo?

Applying for a synchronization license

For televised or radio performances, please contact us to request a synchronization license. For our licensed tracks, please contact the original composer of the song.