How do I login when I've received a message saying I've been locked out?

Have no fear! Our support team is quick to help get you access again. You’ve just found one of our security settings, which helps keep the site secure, stable, and running quickly.

What Do I Do?

  1. Go to Google and type in “what’s my IP address”
  2. Copy this number and send it to with a description of what you're seeing.
For these kinds of requests, we’re really quick to unblock your IP and get your access unblocked. However, our response time may be subject to our business hours.

Connection Time-Out

If you’re receiving a Connection Time-Out, our site is likely interacting with your school’s firewall. Please contact your IT department about opening up your firewall.

Videos are Blocked/Restricted

If your videos are showing up as “Blocked/Restricted”, your district likely doesn’t allow Vimeo videos. Please contact your IT department about allowing Vimeo videos or use the alternate video option.  See our article on blocked videos for more information.