What is available in the song list on MusicplayOnline?

Resources available for every song

Song List:

The song list can be found: HERE!

The below Example Engine Engine can be found: HERE!

The each song in the song list will include a combination of the following:

  • Videos (Notation, Lyrics, Kids Demo, Note Highlights)
  • Projectable Slides with vocal and accompaniment tracks (Notation, Lyrics)
  • Arrangements (Piano, Ukulele/Guitar, Orff, Boomwhackers)
  • Teacher Tools (Song activities, Week at a Glance, Link to a related learning module)
  • Interactives (Solfa/Note Name Challenges, Tone Ladder, Beat and Rhythm Interactives, etc.)
  • Printable pdfs (Solfa/Note Name Worksheets, Beat and Rhythm Worksheets, etc.)
  • Lyrics (quickly skim through the lyrics)
  • Downloadable accompaniment track
  • Extra Details (key signature, time signature, important concepts/themes/song type, etc.)

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