How do I ask a question, contact support, or submit a bug report?

Looking for support or seeing a bug/error on MusicplayOnline that you would like to report? Look no further!

Support Availability

Support is available during our business hours

Contact Information

Please submit a request here.

Bug Reports

If you encounter an issue when on the site, you can complete a bug report. Click on the little black bug, that's on the right side of the page and complete the form that pops up. The bug report can also be used to make suggestions.

You can also submit a bug report: HERE!

Musicplay Teachers Group

The Musicplay teachers Group on Facebook is a very supportive community of music teachers, most of whom use the Musicplayonline website. The teachers and the group moderators will help you with many of the frequently asked questions, will give you suggestions for songs/activities, and are happy to help! You can find the group: HERE!


Wednesday Webinars are presented most Wednesdays at 6:30 EST /3:30 Pacific.

Accessing the Webinars on the YouTube Channel

Webinars are recorded and posted on the Musicplay YouTube Channel: HERE!

Accessing the Webinars on MusicplayOnline

Webinars are also posted in the Dashboard of Musicplayonline, in Webinars: HERE!

You can get PD certificates following the live webinar, or by viewing the recorded version in the Dashboard. If they are available, additional materials (slides, pdfs, pdf of newsletter) are also posted on MusicplayOnline.