How do I download my resource?

There are a couple of ways to download your purchased resources.

Thank you for purchasing a resource on our Musicplay Store website. Go to our downloads site with your download code, access your resources and use our brand-new downloads site. 

Use the site as a viewing platform

Your download code does not expire which allows you to use the download site as a viewing platform instead of downloading everything to your computer. If you have stable internet you can stream videos, audio, and preview PDFs on the site. Please be aware that some larger files will automatically download to your computer (i.e. PowerPoints, Notebook files)

Download all assets

Below the description of the product click on the orange button if you want to download the whole product to your computer. 

Download all the assets

Pick and Choose the Resources

Scroll through the resources, select the resources you want to download, and click "Download Selected"
Download selected resources