What kind of units will I find on MusicplayOnline?

Our units cover dance, theory, instruments, world music, listening, programs, and festivals & holidays throughout the year!


You will find line dances, folk dances, and related songs from the Musicplay song list that include choreography, or opportunities for creative movement. 

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Festivals and Holidays

We add new units and update existing units frequently throughout the year. These units often include videos, printables, projectable slides, interactive activities, and more. 

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Listening Units

The full composer movies series is available on MusicplayOnline including Bach's Fight for Freedom, Beethoven Lives Upstairs, Bizet's Dream, etc. Additional units include Opera, History of Jazz, Nutcracker, Peter and the Wolf, and Carnival of the Animals. 

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Units on instruments of the orchestra and unpitched classroom instruments. 

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Programs include a script, piano arrangements, vocal/accompaniment tracks, videos, and projectables slides. 

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Resources include videos, printable worksheets and assessments, projectable slides, and interactive games to make learning theory fun! 

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Games & Centers

Units include projectable slides, printable flashcards, and interactives to use during center time. 

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World Music

We are looking forward to adding more amazing units to this section. Expect to find videos, projectables, kids demos, and more to teach students about world music.

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