Do you offer free trials on MusicplayOnline?

Yes! Create an account on MusicplayOnline and receive 14 days of free access (no credit card required).

Create an Account

If you have never subscribed before, go to and create a new account. All new accounts receive 14 days of free access to the resource! We do not collect credit card information or payment information for free trials, so feel free to explore the resource!

Learn more about creating a MusicplayOnline account here: How do I create a MusicplayOnline account?

Curriculum Approvals for Your District

If your district is looking for a new music curriculum and you want to share MusicplayOnline with other teachers in your district, submit the district inquiry form! We are happy to provide access to the resource for the purposes of curriculum review.

Learn more about the district process here: Can my district use MusicplayOnline?

Submit a Kids Demo Video

Earn a free month of MusicplayOnline by submitting a kids demo for a song that doesn’t have a kids demo yet! You’ll receive 1 month for every video we can use, and this also helps teachers around the world visualize the song or game! 

Learn more about submitting a kids demo video here: Can I submit a kids demo?

Submit a Product Demo

We want to hear you talk about one of our products that you absolutely love! Show us why you love it and why someone else should buy it. These product demos will go on the product pages, in future promotional materials, and on our social media. Create a Themes and Variations product demo and earn a free product of equal value or 3 months of access to MusicplayOnline. 

Learn more about submitting a product demo video here: Can I submit a product demo video?