How do I update my account details and edit my profile on MusicplayOnline?

Change the account's email, password, and more under the "Edit Profile."

To change a password or the contact email associated with your account:

  1. Log onto MusicplayOnline
  2. Click on “My Dashboard” in the top right corner of
  3. Click on "Edit Profile"
  4. You will be taken to a page where you can reset your password, update your first/last name, update your email and add additional contact information.
    1. Learn more about resetting your password here: How do I reset my password on MusciplayOnline?


If you are transferring your account to a new teacher please review the steps here

Your 'My Lists' are attached to your MusicplayOnline account. If you give another person access to your account your My Lists may be edited or changed without your knowledge.